Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hooray For Comic Books

Ever find a really good deal that you just couldn't say no to? One that was just so enticing, you had to buy that product? I found one of those deals today.

My family and I visited the flea market over in Shelby County today. And while perusing the multitude of booths in which vendors displayed their wares, I came upon something I just had to have. It wasn't the tempting six-dollar copy of the Hitcher remake on DVD that someone was selling. Nor was it the even-more-tempting Friday the 13th video game on the original NES (which, at the rather humorous price of $12.99, was a little too expensive considering I didn't have that much money on me at the time) that was being offered at another booth.

One particular vendor, amongst the junk he had lying around, had a few boxes of comics. And amongst the cornucopia of random assorted comics and large amount of Fantastic Four books, I discovered issues two through six of Daredevil: Yellow. He didn't have the first issue (though he did have two copies of issue two, oddly enough), but at the price of one dollar per issue, I couldn't say no. They're bagged and boarded in apparently mint or near mint condition, so yeah, that's a fantastic find on my part.

I just need to hunt down the first issue now. I know of a few comic book stores around here, and if I can't find it at either of them, there's always eBay. I've been meaning to expand my rather meager comic book collection beyond the realm of graphic novels and trade paperbacks, so I believe I did good. And having downloaded and read Daredevil: Yellow in the past, I know I've scored at least five good issues. I just wish the guy had had issue #1, because then I'd be fully satisfied. I get that, and I'll have to start hunting down the copy of Batman Annual #14 that I owned way back in the day. Finding that would make me the happiest Who in all of Whoville.

So to summarize, yay comics. And hooray for good comics that only cost a buck an issue, too.


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